Hi, my name is Vitor Casadei. I'm a 22 years old Computer Scientist from Sorocaba, São Paulo area in Brazil. I'm passionate with design and beautiful code and I like to accept challenges!
I'm always building or learning something new and my research field is Web/Mobile Accessibility, HCI and User Interaction (check some of my papers!).
I've also studied in Munich, Germany at the Technische Universität München and I write at Diário do Verde about the relationship between the environment and technology and at CodeTalk about coding and programming experiences.

So, check my Resume, my social media bellow and get in touch!


Web Design

Page Design and Optimization is what people see first. So it got to be Awesome!

Brand Design

Design is Art and I'm an artist. Your brand should be should reflect your work.


I like to code and do great things, coding is passion, is functionality, is your motion!